Joel  Burrow

Joel Burrow

Shaman Joel Burrow has had the gift of learning with many great teachers. He has studied with Priests, Pastors, Gurus, the Lakota tradition, the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, Shamans from Peru, Bolivia, and Puerto Rico. Joel believes that the time is upon us, the opportunity to grow is now. Joel offers a variety of services that compliment not only the clients’ needs also the spirits of love and compassion. Reverence in service is the action, listening to feeling is the motion. Putting them together is the spark of action in motion birthing the Shamanic experience. There are many unique ways to customize each client’s experience to support their individual process through the Shamanic services. Joel stands on the foundation of love to serve the ways that he is called to share. Joy is the passion in all services, from the deepest to the lightest of vibrations. He builds on the foundation of love, flies with clarity in peace, and goes where he is called to travel with clients.