Misty  Young

Misty Young

After over two decades in politics, public relations and marketing, Misty Young risked everything to buy the Squeeze In, a tiny, struggling restaurant, nestled in historic downtown Truckee, CA. Leaping in with reckless abandon, Misty worked days, nights, weekends and holidays and made it her mission to understand the business from top to bottom and from an inside out perspective. She served guests, cooked, washed dishes, cleaned bathrooms, mopped floors, paid vendors, prepared payroll and tax returns – and – designed and developed processes, systems and efficiencies to lead the company’s growth from a single location to five family owned locations. As a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Trainer, Misty assists other restaurateurs and small business owners to attract success, wealth and prosperity in their businesses.She speaks nationally about the “Five Irrefutable Laws of Restaurant Success,” the centerpiece of her book, “From Rags to Restaurants: The Secret Recipe.”