Tiffany  Ashton

Tiffany Ashton

Tiffany Ashton, the blonde 17 year old from NC, energetically performs her original country songs tinged with just the right amount of pop for this southern sweetheart. Just off her 2014 Southeast Florida Summer Tour, she's gracing stages across North Carolina this fall. Southern Sweetheart, with six original songs, will release the first of December with her first single "Southern Sweetheart" already premiering through release of Tiffany's first official music video.

Singing since she was three and performing publicly since age six, Tiffany combined her love of writing with her love of music after receiving her first guitar at age 12. Tiffany began writing children's chapter books at the age of seven, and once she picked up skills with a guitar she became passionate about writing melodies to the words and lyrics that came to her. Releasing her first original CD in 2012, the bubbly songwriter set out to rock stages and captivate audiences with her soulful, deep-rocking country beats, attention-grabbing hooks, and upbeat country pop melodies. She plans to be playing across the nation soon.