Cheryl  Maloney

Cheryl Maloney

Cheryl Maloney, creator of Simple Steps Real Change. #1 Best Selling Author, Publisher and former Radio Talk Show host. With over 740,000 fans on her Facebook page, Cheryl provides a safe harbor where beliefs are respected and where everyone who comes there realizes they are not alone regardless of what they are experiencing in life. Founder, publisher and editor of Simple Steps Real Change Magazine. Simple Steps Real Change Magazine provides practical advice for real life from a new generation of inspirational leaders... the ones you can relate to! A former corporate executive Cheryl found herself starting over from rock bottom in her 50’s after her company was acquired, and her position replaced. That began a downward spiral professionally and financially compounded by her dad dying suddenly leaving her as the sole caregiver for her mom who is blind. In 2010 Cheryl’s husband, Jack, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of skin cancer. Jack died in February 2015. Despite facing some of the worst life has to offer Cheryl believes that every experience has purpose if we’re willing to be open to it. Repeatedly reinventing her life from the ground up Cheryl's mission is to help others discover their happiness regardless of their circumstances. Connect with Cheryl: Blog: Magazine: Facebook Page: Group: Website: