Franziska  Buri

Franziska Buri

Franziska Buri, of Greely, Ontario, Canada, is the military spouse of a 22-year Canadian Armed Forces Veteran. Deployed to Afghanistan in 2008, he was severely wounded as a result of an enemy attack. In 2010, she joined the Public Service as a Family Peer Support Coordinator with the Operational Stress Injury Social Support Program with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) as she has personal experience with supporting a Veteran with physical wounds and who is suffering from an operational stress injury. In VAC she currently works on the family file, under the head psychologist and manager for the Operational Stress Injury National Network. Her tasks are to create more and improved supports for families within the Network and its clinics across Canada. Prior to joining the Public Service, she owned and operated a small business in Ottawa. She hold the B.A. in Education of Seminar Hofwil University in her native country of Switzerland. She is mother of two daughters aged four and seven.