Marilyn Barnes Bloom

As a young mother in her 30s with 3 kids and a busy art teacher job, Marilyn Barnes was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and cervical cancer. Rejecting mainstream advice, she chose alternative healing! Marilyn began her therapy at the Mexican Gerson Clinic in 1979. After she experienced the difficulty of finding organic foods, she became a resident of the Gerson Therapy Halfway House in Chula Vista. Marilyn stayed on, becoming manager and owner, helping provide Gerson Therapy to over 300 Gerson patients in the next 10 years. She traveled with Charlotte Gerson as her road chef, presenting delicious Gerson food at Charlotte’s far-flung lectures. She often visited the Gerson clinic in Mexico, giving the original Gerson kitchen set-up classes. After the Halfway House closed, Marilyn traveled to patients' homes around the country as an initial home set-up and caregiver. Now happily retired, she keeps a Norwalk juicer and lots of organic fruits and veggies still in her kitchen.