Michael  Clayton

Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton is the Founder and CEO of Trace and Trust (T&T), a California-based technology company empowering its partners to deliver the "full personality" of seafood, meat and produce right to the table. T&T centralizes stories, pictures and harvest information of recent deliveries into a single platform that can be used by restaurants, universities, hospitality firms and other dining locations to celebrate the diversity of the fishermen, farmers and ranchers who work so hard to raise and harvest our food. Michael is also the Founder of CapLog, a niche consulting firm that works to understand the markets, value chains and economics of fisheries and segments of fisheries in different parts of the world. Over the years, Michael has serviced clients including international environmental organizations, the National Park Service and the Government of the Republic of Georgia; he also founded the first foundations in Azerbaijan and Georgia in the early 1990s.