Dionne  Miller

Dionne Miller

Dionne Miller is Sports Anchor and Reporter in the greatest sports city! Covering Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs, WhiteSox... and everything thing else that happens in and around the city of Chicago. And that's a lot!! Sunday was all about God and football during Dionne Miller's Ohio childhood. At age 9, she wept as John Elway drove 98 yards in five minutes to finish off her beloved Cleveland Browns in the AFC championship game. Sports wasn't her intended career path then. A pastor's daughter, she attended a small Christian liberal arts college planning to become a teacher. Soured by a psychology class, she switched to journalism, and there the sideline star was born. In her career she has covered rodeo in Montana and college hockey in Vermont. Currently Dionne lives and works in Chicago, where her first assignment was Cubs Opening Day at Wrigley Field, where she instantly fell in love with the City and its passion for sports.