Andrew  O'Brien

Andrew O'Brien

My name is Andrew O'Brien, I am 26 years old and was born into war. My life was always a struggle to survive. Being born to a prostitute mother who used and chewed up men yearly, having multiple "fathers" a year. A woman who constantly told me I would not succeed in life, and her life was miserable because she had me. I then joined the US Military in 2007 and served 12 months in Iraq during my 4 year term in the Army. During my deployment I was a lead gunner, my job was to get everyone home safe. I faced many struggles during my deployment as well. After returning home from my deployment I was forced to face all of my demons. The ones from my childhood and my military service. I tried many ways to succeed but constantly failed. It was in November of 2010 that I attempted to take my own life, after feeling as though there was no more hope for me in this life. I woke up in the ICU 2 days later, and that's when my life changed.