Hugh  Crawford

Hugh Crawford

On left, Hugh Crawford, shown with 2 former POW's. Hugh enlisted in the Army in 1965; his basic training was at Ft. Ord, California. AIT was also at Ft. Ord, his MOS job was an Army firemen. Deployed to Vietnam Tuai Wa air strip as a fireman. However after three months, Hugh knew that wasn’t enough. Hugh went to a nearby helicopter company and volunteered to be a door gunner. On day one, Hughes flew his first combat mission in Vietnam as a door gunner. Hugh served in that capacity for the next 9 months. Upon his return home in 1967, Hugh served his remaining time at Fort Lewis Washington. Upon discharge Hugh earned a degree in law enforcement. In 1971 Hugh took his firs deputy job in Oregon. Three years later he moved to Medford, Oregon and joined the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. His jobs were, patrol, detective and then major crimes detective. After approximately 31 years in law enforcement Hugh retired