Leah  Soibel

Leah Soibel

Leah Soibel launched Fuente Latina (FL) in 2012 as the only Israeli organization that proactively engages Latino media, inside of Israel and globally, in their own language and in real time. Soibel, a Hispanic American and Israeli, has extensive experience working with global Spanish media. For years, she has been bringing millions of Spanish speakers an accurate image of Israel through international media events, expert interviews, briefings, and tours. Leah is the go-to expert in Israel on Latino media, due to her access to hundreds of journalists and Latino leaders. She has a regular column in Miami’s Diario de Las Americas and frequently is interviewed by Spanish language TV and radio programs about regional security and Iranian influence in Latin America. Leah established FL after working for The Israel Project; her last two the Spanish Media Program director. Previously, she served in intelligence. http://www.fuentelatina.org/