Ray  Davis

Ray Davis

Ray is a multi-instrumental singer/songwriter whose music moves fluidly through funk, soul, jazz, gospel, and pop, without losing connection to its life-affirming, positive spiritual message. His beautiful, soulful voice delivers well-crafted, hook-driven songs that speak to the best in all of us. Ray is originally from Compton California, a small incorporated city just south of Los Angeles. Compton’s reputation as a dangerous, duck-before-you-get-shot ghetto provided the perfect book-by-cover metaphor that has influenced Ray’s writing. The Compton that Ray experienced was one of community, of rich church and school relationships, and a large, tight family that immersed him in the kind of musical variety necessary to nurture genius. Yes, Ray’s genius is in using flow, rhythm, harmony, to illumine the listener’s mind to reality beyond appearance. Tune in to this Musical Mystic!