Angelique  Medow

Angelique Medow

Born and raised in a hard-working farm family, Angelique learned early that the very essence of everything she does begins with a choice to be willing or to resist. As a lifetime career woman who worked in corporate America and owned a successful building design firm while hosting television shows on HGTV, DIY, The Travel Channel, she was also, deeply and addictedly in love with men who were, themselves, addicted to everything from drugs, gambling and sex-so she's had ample opportunity to test her willpower. Spiritually, Angelique has always been connected to unmanifest life. Her abilities were developed in meditation and mentorship with the infamous John Dobson, 20+ year Vedantan monk, author, physicist, astronomer and inventor. Trained by spiritual teachers and mostly guided through meditation and intuition, Angelique has spent months in meditation writing books in the wilderness of South Carolina. It was there that she discovered keys to achieving unwavering willpower.