Gus B.  Kaufman, Jr.

Gus B. Kaufman, Jr.

Gus B. Kaufman, Jr., Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist with an office in Decatur, GA (see Gus works with individuals, groups, couples and families and trains and supervises other therapists. His areas of expertise include abuse, trauma, the use of body signals in psychotherapy and sexual orientation. A lover of nature and people, Gus has co-founded five non-profit organizations, including Men Stopping Violence. Gus is interested in nonviolence, just communities and trauma prevention and resolution. His twelve-session curriculum on family violence has been used with over 40,000 prisoners in the GA correctional system. He has published numerous chapters and articles and has consulted to the Army, Marine Corps, Seattle Mariners' “Refuse To Abuse” campaign, GA Commission on Family Violence and two Veteran Centers.