Audrey A.  Hazekamp, M.A

Audrey A. Hazekamp, M.A

Audrey Hazekamp, M.A. is a Masterful Integrative Coach & Game Changer and the founder of Tall Poppy Inc. Certified through the Hendricks Institute, Audrey has studied and collaborated with Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks for nearly 12 years. She also facilitates the The Radiance Process, an evolutionary modality that supports resolution of early developmental issues and expands possibilities for genuine creative living. Audrey has an M.A. in Exercise Physiology and served as a Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist and Patient Lifestyle Educator at the Univ. of Michigan Cardiovascular Center for over 11 years. Since transitioning, she has committed her life to exploring whole-systems aliveness...or what she likes to call Evolutionary Fitness. Audrey teaches nation-wide and coaches clients internationally to thrive both personally and professionally. Audrey’s media interviews include: Consciously Speaking; Ventura TV, and Beyond 50 Radio and Fox TV Detroit. Learn more at