John Davis

John Davis served in the United States government under presidents Johnson through Clinton. His work encompassed intelligence, manpower management, immigration law and restructuring the Department of Defense. He retired in 1993 and started retrieving information on the climate, environment and effects of natural disasters. He became more concerned, but only when he became a grandfather did he realize he could no longer be a neutral player. Early 2014 he attended the Climate Reality Leadership Training in New Delhi, India with over 500 others from dozens of nations. Now energized and transformed from an observer to an activist, in May 2015, John helped with the outreach program for the first Climate Leadership Training in the US since 2012. He now manages two Facebook groups: Climate Guardians 2015 and the Midwest Climate Reality Leadership Network, and there’s much more to come. John believes he has a moral, spiritual and ethical obligation to fight for the future of our planet.