Helen  Woo

Helen Woo

Inspirational speaker, author, and radio personality, Helen Woo is passionate about making a positive difference in this world. She came from a traditional Chinese family who immigrated to America shortly before her birth. Aside from a very difficult upbringing, Helen faced many physical challenges in addition to overcoming struggles with depression, abuse and addiction. Today, physically and mentally healthy, she is here to share her success stories. Helen helped herself overcome all the misfortunes in her life, and she hopes to make a positive difference, to help others get through their own challenges. She is the host of a weekly radio talk show, “Self Aid Success Stories,” and the author of the newly released book, “Self Aid – Inspirations to Turn Struggles to Success.” Helen wants the world to know that just because we find ourselves in a difficult situation doesn’t mean we have to stay there. www.SelfAidwithHelenWoo.com www.HelenWooToday.com