Chirag  Kulkarni

Chirag Kulkarni

Chirag Kulkarni is an entrepreneur, speaker, and startup advisor, who has experience starting, advising and running successful companies. Chirag's experience ranges from operations based companies, dotcom startups, consumer goods brands, and ed tech ventures. Currently, Chirag is Co-founder of Insightfully, a predictive analytics company focused on tapping into the 99% of individuals that people don't stay in touch with on a yearly basis. He is also the CEO of C&M Group, an entrepreneurial strategy consulting firm focused on growth and new product innovation for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s. A majority of consulting firms focus on theory and lack operational experience. C&M consults on operational experience by proven entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. In his free time, he loves to help fellow entrepreneurs and gives back to the community in any way he can. He currently advises for ACE Abroad Inc., an ed tech company in Claremont, CA, and, in Ontario, CA.