Leyla Giray Alyanak

Leyla Giray Alyanak is a “nomad” who has traveled to over 75 countries, is creator of the website Women on the Road, and is the author of “Women on the Road: the Essential Guide for Baby Boomer Travel.” She was born in France and grew up in Canada, Spain and the Middle East. She took her 1st solo trip (without her parents' permission) from Spain to Morocco when she was 15. She became a journalist and foreign correspondent and moved from Madrid to Montreal to Geneva to Bangkok. She now lives in rural Eastern France. Several years ago, she took a long-term job to cross Africa as a foreign correspondent for Earth Times. She had planned to travel 6 months but was gone over 3 years in Africa (12 countries), Asia (9 countries), Cuba, and the Baltic States. She has written about development, HIV/AIDS, poverty, war, and women's rights and has been working for an international development agency. Her website encourages and inspires other to travel independently, strongly, proudly and safely.