Corey  Schoff

Corey Schoff

Living most of his life in the South and knowing he was gay since the age of four, Corey grew up feeling like he had to hide who he was to his family, friends and world. At the time, his sexuality was considered by most of society to be an illness, illegal and an abomination of God. By the age of ten, he secretly dreamed of meeting his prince and living happily ever after. He and his prince, Larry, have been together for eight mostly happy years, but more importantly their relationship has been a continuing expression of deepening intimacy. They are not married, though the recent change in marriage equality has highlighted that discussion. The personal work Corey’s done to reopen himself to life has honed his abilities to help others to do the same. His professional work is a combination of Intuitive Counseling, Hypnotherapy and Massage Therapy and he assists people in connecting more authentically with themselves and expressing their highest potential.