Kathy Moreland  Layte

Kathy Moreland Layte

Kathy Moreland Layte, RN, MScN, HTCP/I
Kathy has been practicing HEALING TOUCH since 1994. She did her Master’s Thesis on the Lived Experience of Receiving Healing Touch During Chemotherapy for Women with Breast Cancer and has been interested in Biofield Research ever since. She has been the Co-Chair of the Research Advisory Council for HEALING TOUCH PROGRAM since its inception in 2008. A popular speaker, Kathy is passionate about making research methods and results easy to understand for all HEALING TOUCH practitioners. She is the author of the research section of the Level 1 Notebook and has been published in Hover-Kramer’s Healing Touch Guidebook and in "Research Corner", a periodic offering in Energy Magazine. She is a professor of nursing in Southern Ontario, Canada and is known for her very large level 1 classes of 30-40 students. A late bloomer, she is the mom of two adopted children Alexis and Austin.