Jost  Stollmann

Jost Stollmann

CEO of Tyro Payments, Jost Stollmann, is not your everyday briefcase wielding, cappuccino sipping banking executive. In fact, until he’d stepped foot on the shores of Australia, after circumnavigating the world from his homeland of Germany, he’d never worked a day in a bank in his entire life. Fast forward 10 years however, and Stollmann is one of the driving forces behind the success of local independent eftpos provider Tyro Payments. Along with remaining founders Andrew Rothwell and Peter Haig, Stollmann has navigated the fledgling fintech company through treacherous start-up seas – from securing scarce investment in a barren early-stage funding environment, to gaining an almost impossible to acquire banking license, right through to surviving the ‘Valley of Death’ during the Global Financial Crisis.