Brock  Hansen

Brock Hansen

Brock Hansen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 40 years experience treating persons with eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, and addictions, often with histories of abuse or trauma. As a result of his work, it became clear that the powerful natural emotions of fear, shame and anger that are valuable in terms of survival, have many painful consequences for everyday life. Understanding the action and interaction of these powerful emotions can be enormously helpful in untangling their painful traps and burdens. Since publishing his book, Shame and Anger: The Criticism Connection, he has continued working with individuals and families to overcome emotional challenges, but has also been writing, teaching, and speaking about related topics, such as bullying - on the playground and in the workplace, grief, abuse, loneliness, reactivity to criticism, assertiveness, empowerment, and the rapidly expanding body of knowledge about the brain and the mind.