Christoph  Hinske

Christoph Hinske

Being a Global Change Agent by training, Christoph has worked for the past 11 years for European and African governments, the European Union, the Church, as well as numerous NGO's, leading universities, foundations and global front-runner companies throughout South, Central and North America, Africa as well as in most of the EU. Founding his own company in 2014, he worked on the foundations of abundance driven social systems applying the insights provided by Ecosynomics. Consequently, my activities focus on social systems that outperform their peers by more than 100% on a sustainable and healthy basis. He is the co-founder of the Ecosynomic Forum, hosting invited organizations and individuals from around the world that outperform the status quo. Currently, he focuses his efforts on scaling and multiplying positive socio-economic and ecological deviance in Europe, Africa, North-, Central and South America.