Jim  Ritchie-Dunham

Jim Ritchie-Dunham

Jim is president of the Institute for Strategic Clarity, an adjunct professor of business economics at the ITAM Business School, an adjunct lecturer on sustainability leadership at Harvard, and president of the Academy for Self-Discovery Leadership, a private operating foundation. Jim’s work has focused primarily on understanding human agreements as integral systems, developing strategy from a systems-resource perspective, and fostering large-scale social-change as a collaborative, holistic inquiry. The author of 2 books and many articles, he has developed conceptual frameworks in his work with executive teams in corporate, government, civil society, inter-sectoral, and global-action-network settings for over two decades in twenty-three countries. Jim's audacious goal is to enable higher vibrancy, abundance-based agreements worldwide by 2040. He believes everyone has the right to live an abundance-based, higher vibrancy life, and the agreements we make are the basis for that.