Nikki  Castillo

Nikki Castillo

Nikki Castillo is the Owner of Uno Mas Glassware and Co-Owner of The Tooth Fairy Glass. A highly adaptable professional, she discovered her talent to decorate glassware quite accidentally some eight years ago when the beautifully painted shot glasses she had purchased for a Cinco de Mayo party were tragically shattered two days prior to the event. In her quest to host the party as advertised, she simply recreated the decorated glasses herself, overnight! The party was a huge success, all the guests loved their freshly painted shot glasses, and Uno Mas Glassware was born. Her venture as the Co-Owner of The Tooth Fairy launched 18 months ago and is still going strong. Nikki is a multi-talented artist whose previous careers include actress and flight attendant. She lives in Tualatin, Oregon with her husband and three young children.