James  Allard

James Allard

Noted PI, James Allard’s, professional background includes 32 years of law enforcement, security and investigative experience. Mr. Allard started his law enforcement career with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and with the Huntington Beach Police Department. Mr. Allard has been licensed as a private investigator since 1998 and has managed and worked hundreds of cases including a variety of criminal and civil investigations, workers compensation, AOE/COE investigations, work place violence investigations, family law investigations, infidelity and employment background checks. During his law enforcement career Mr. Allard investigated, supervised, or managed hundreds of investigations. These investigations targeted career criminals, narcotics investigations, stalkers, street & bank robberies, homicides, kidnapping, major fraud and identity theft. During Mr. Allard’s career he has worked with the FBI, U.S. Marshall’s and other specialized units in joint operations.