Prince  Ea

Prince Ea

Born and raised on the North Side of St. Louis Missouri, Prince Ea has a sound unlike that of most other artists. Possessing great songwriting ability and stage presence, he produces creative and thought-provoking songs that neatly tie in humor, passion and hard hitting punch-lines. From his YouTube videos, which have garnered millions of hits, Prince Ea has developed a loyal fan base. Beyond his internet success, Prince Ea has been featured in both national and local publications. In 2009, VIBE Magazine declared him Vibe Verses Grand Champion, and he received a full page article in Vibe’s June 2009 edition. That same year, he founded “Make SMART Cool” (SMART being an acronym for Sophisticating Millions and Revolutionizing Thought). The organization seeks to promote positive social change in various concrete ways – from speaking at schools, organizing community events, giving benefit performances, partnering with community organizations and setting up educational mentorship programs.