Johnny  Rodrigues

Johnny Rodrigues

Johnny Rodrigues, “The only thing that limits what you can do to help is your imagination.” Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force was formed in April 2001, with the blessing of Francis Nhema, for the purpose of assisting National Parks with anti-poaching patrols and raise funds for the Parks. Later, upon reported evidence that poaching rings were controlled by government officals, police, army and Nat Parks themselves, the Zim gov’t and Nat Parks became hostile to Johnny and ZCTF. Despite this, Johnny and ZCTF rallied, and rather than remain silent as the gov’t demanded and with help from outside Zim, he notified the world of the lawlessness and capture for export to China of elephants in Zimbabwe. Through a network built on trust, colleagues and donors, Johnny has maintained reportage of the injustices, abuses, and continues his critical efforts to protect the wildlife and people of Zimbabwe, in particular Hwange NP. Learn more Vanishing Footprints DVD