Elda M.  Dawber, LICSW

Elda M. Dawber, LICSW

Elda M. Dawber, LICSW, is a nationally known, award winning clinical social worker whose forty-plus-year professional career has been dedicated to working with children and adults victimized by childhood sexual abuse. She has treated families, contributed articles, and educated fellow professionals at local, regional, and national conferences on topics related to interpersonal violence, sexual harassment and bullying, compassion fatigue, personal safety, and LGBTQ youth. In 2010, she was honored to receive the NASW-RI Chapter Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to the field. Elda lives in Rhode Island with her wife and extended family. Elda is an accomplished speaker, comfortable presenting before audiences both large and small. She has appeared on television talk shows and been interviewed by the press for a reaction to local events of interpersonal violence or trauma to children.