Dr. Don  Martin

Dr. Don Martin

With master’s degree from Wheaton College and Ph.D. from Northwestern University.Dr. Don is a seasoned grad school expert. He has worked with thousands of students world-wide during his 35-year career and has made graduate school presentations on over 40 college/university campuses in North America, Europe and Asia. 99% of his coaching clients have been admitted to one or more of their grad school choices, and many with scholarships. Don was Dean of Admissions/Financial Aid and Dean of Students at Columbia University (Teachers College), The University of Chicago (Booth School of Business), Northwestern University (Medill School of Journalism), and Wheaton College (IL) Don authored Road Map for Graduate Study: A Guide for Prospective Graduate Students. He is a former weekly columnist for US News & World Report Magazine and currently writes educational articles for SPAN magazine in India. His motto: 'If I can earn a graduate degree, anyone can!'" www.gradschoolroadmap.com