Mr. Sean  Tillery

Mr. Sean Tillery

Sean Tillery, is the CEO and Founder of Wealth Builders Network Educational Services Company. For more than 12 years as the CEO, he has researched over 12,000 hours on economics with an emphasis on Wealth Creation providing fundamental Strategies, focused on empowering the average person by means of Education, Network Marketing and recognizing the vital importance of understanding the significant differences between Cash, Money and E-Currency. He began his career in the finances services arena as a Licensed Financial Planner with more than 10 years’ experience. Additionally, he has over 20 years as an accomplished Computer Network Engineer, software design, development, integration and test validation. He has established a $4 Million Debt Free Network Marketing Company. He enjoys teaching people how to leverage Tangible Assets as a preferred method of savings and simple concepts on how to reduce their tax position by 95% using WBNES’s proven (T.A.R.P.) strategies.