Debra  Feldman

Debra Feldman

Debra Feldman, JobWhiz, is one-of-a-kind, an exclusive Executive Talent Agent and job search strategy consultant profiled by Forbes as “Matchmaker: Part Networker, Part Sleuth.” She coined Network Purposefully™ for a precise, strategic, sharply focused, highly effective executive job search method that relies not only on “who you know, but who with decision making and hiring authority knows, likes, trusts and remembers you.” Debra inverts the traditional recruiting paradigm by representing individuals seeking a new role that matches their selection criteria rather than being paid by employers looking to fill a vacant position. Debra is or has been a recommended resource for numerous business, academic and trade organizations including AICPA, IEEE, Financial Executives Networking Group, Marketing Executives Networking Group, FEI, ISM and others. She has led initiatives for ExecuNet and contributed to Vistage and many marquis publications in the careers field.