Bret  Rushia

Bret Rushia

Four years ago you wouldn't have recognized me. I was sick. I had lost 100lbs in 5 months. I had developed chemical and environmental sensitivities so bad that I had to be holed up in my room all day, did two hours on an oxygen tank every day, and wore a respirator mask when I would go out in public. Any time my sensitivities were triggered my body would begin to shake, I'd get headaches, and would get incredibly dizzy. My parents had spent thousands and thousands of dollars on doctors visits, allergy testing, supplement IV's, infrared saunas, and anything else we could try to get me better, but I was only getting worse. I was living in a fog, I felt like I was dying, and the doctors told me that I would have to live with these sensitivities for the rest of my life. At my lowest point I knew I would either have to give up or choose to live. I chose to live.