Prudence  Gensman

Prudence Gensman

Prudence Gensman MBA, OTR, CC, C.Ht is a sought after therapist in the world of neurorehabilitation and a master facilitator of personal development seminars. As a leading pioneer in the area of brain thought technology, she has designed an effective structure of thinking to facilitate personal growth and spiritual evolution. In her acclaimed book, MindSet ReSet (TM): A Passage to Choice, Prudence awakens a deeper understanding that often we are taught to be afraid of change, yet change IS the only constant in all of life. While we struggle to control life so we have the feeling of safety we can, with the proper tools and relearning, put into place a power to choose to be the driver of where a brilliant new mindset can take us. Prudence is founder and CEO of MindSet ReSet (TM), published author and host of MindSet ReSet LIVE with Prudence Gensman featured on the Voice America Women’s Channel Tuesday mornings from 8-9 AM PST. You can find more info at