Jean  Storlie

Jean Storlie

Jean Storlie combines her education in nutrition and exercise science with her experience in marketing communications to distill the complexity of health into actionable strategies that enable business growth. Over her 35-year career, she’s created health communications for food, wellness, and healthcare companies—including 13 years at General Mills. Early in her career, Jean stumbled on storytelling as a way to inspire lifestyle change in her patients/clients. Later, as a corporate leader, she wove stories into coaching/mentoring her teams and communicating with executives. In 2012, Jean founded Storlietelling LLC to help business leaders drive innovation by connecting the scientific and emotional sides of health. This turning point sparked a journey into storytelling that transformed her consulting work and took her passion for stories to a new level. Her “Storlietelling Workshops” teach professionals how to create meaningful stories for business communications and leadership.