Julian  Amey

Julian Amey

Julian Amey joined the University of Warwick in 2010 as a Principal Fellow in WMG for supply chain and operations management. He is currently Acting Director for WMG's Professional and Executive Programmes. After studying general engineering and post-graduate production management, Julian joined ICI in 1978 as a control engineer. After diverse roles in engineering and production in the UK and US, in the mid-90s he coordinated supply chain re-engineering in Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, then led Zeneca’s Supply Chain Group. At the merger of Astra and Zeneca in 1999 Julian was appointed VP Supply Chains & Logistics and led work from 2002-04 to implement lean approaches in AstraZeneca’s supply chain. In 2005 he was seconded to Global R&D to lead and support change activities, before returning to Operations to lead the Transformation & Strategy Group, and the reshaping of AstraZeneca’s asset base. From 2008 he resumed Global Supply Chain leadership. He left AstraZeneca at the end of 2009.