Dr. Michael  Eleff

Dr. Michael Eleff

Dr. Michael Eleff is a senior psychiatrist in the Schizophrenia Treatment and Education Program of the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg and an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Manitoba. He has been working with adults living with schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders for the past 34 years. From 2000 to 2014, he served as Medical Program Director of the Schizophrenia Program. He has worked closely with families and individuals recovering from these illnesses. He has participated in numerous public education and information initiatives, both through the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society and in other contexts. Over the course of his career, both as a clinician and as a teacher of medical students, psychiatric residents and allied health professionals, he has emphasized the importance of respect, caring, relationships and hope in promoting recovery. In 2010, he was honoured with the Iris Award by the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society for his work.