Masha  Levina

Masha Levina

Masha Levina has studied and practiced many modalities of healing arts, including Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition Response TestingSM, TBMTM, Tong Ren, Psych-K® and Matrix Energetics®. As she gained an understanding of the primary role of consciousness in everything, Masha started to integrate and blend different modalities, accessing and applying information directly from and to the Field, without touching people or performing any specific techniques, while producing tangible and desirable results. In 2010 she created her own healing system – Multidimensional Transformation, which is continuously growing and expanding. Masha has a successful practice in Milford, PA where she works with people in-person or remotely. Additionally, Masha holds group sessions at various locations and teaches Multidimensional Transformation seminars.