Jenny Hrbacek, RN

Author Jenny Hrbacek’s life changing journey began when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Today, she has launched a national campaign to change the way that cancer is detected. She has appeared in Ty Bollinger’s series The Truth About Cancer, and is a featured contributor to medical conferences and radio shows. Cancer Free! Are you SURE? is a result of several years of research into tests that are true early detection. Jenny details how these tests can detect cancer’s development years before it is typically picked up by a mammogram, PSA count, or PET scan. She tells you where to get these tests, what they cost, how accurate they are. She gives you a roadmap for detecting cancer in time to intervene with diet, detox, and healing therapies – in time to prevent a full-blown diagnosis. She also tells you how to reduce the risk of a recurrence of cancer, and what options exist for treatment in addition to the standard surgery/chemo/radiation.