Betsy Heilman

Betsy Heilman, artist, is most well-known for her abstract paintings. In 1998 she received an MFA (honors) in Painting, completing an undergraduate multi-discipline degree. Betsy also began a yoga practice that led her to India, then from Venice Beach to a small cabin in remote Alaska to seek a simple and sustainable life. At the age of 34, Betsy was diagnosed with end-stage ovarian cancer, and sent to hospice by the Mayo Clinic after unsuccessful treatment. To save her life Betsy traveled to the Gerson clinic in Mexico, staying six weeks, and thoroughly learning the Therapy from clinic staff, and Charlotte Gerson, She returned to Alaska and completed 2.4 years on The Gerson Therapy, and surgery, Betsy, now free of cancer and with optimal blood work lives in Hawaii, where she tends her garden and leads discussion groups on self-health. She speaks at Gerson Basics Training in San Diego and visits patients at the clinic, and has also presented in Singapore.