Ani Zonneveld

Ani Zonneveld is a writer, speaker, singer/songwriter, imam and human rights defender. She speaks and sings her message of social justice, human rights and peace from a progressive Muslim woman’s perspective. Born in Malaysia and based in L.A., she spearheads the progressive Muslim movement both internationally and in the US. In 2007, she founded Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV), a faith- based human rights organization. MPV advocates for egalitarian expressions of Islam, women’s and LGBT rights, freedom of expression, and freedom of and from religion or belief. MPV promotes these values by challenging human rights abuses in the name of Islam and by offering an inclusive understanding based on universal human rights and justice. At the grassroots level, MPV’s services the Muslim community by supporting inclusive spiritual spaces, youth involvement, interfaith and same-sex marriages, and forums in countering radical thought. MPV is recognized as an NGO at the UN.