Radio Episodes
1/14/2015 theta-healing-and-reiki

Theta-Healing and Reiki

For the Love of Reiki
Paula interviews Kristen Eykel. Kristen shares information on the beautiful healing modality of Theta-Healing. Listen Now

11/19/2014 reiki-beyond-usui

Reiki beyond Usui

For the Love of Reiki
In "Reiki beyond Usui" Paula's partner and co-host Kristen Eykel will be interviewing William Lee Rand. Listen Now

10/22/2014 long-distance-reiki

Long Distance Reiki

For the Love of Reiki
Paula will be interviewing Kristen Eykel. We will be discussing the modality of Long Distance Reiki. Listen Now

9/24/2014 reiki-its-life-changing

Reiki! It's Life Changing

For the Love of Reiki
I will interview Kristen Eykel. She will discuss her history and her journey that led her to Reiki and her training and experiences. Listen Now