David Roddenberry

David Roddenberry is the founder of HealthyWage, the only U.S. company that pays Americans to lose weight and get fit, allowing members to "bet" on their ability to lose weight. Mr. Roddenberry built HealthyWage after working in finance and realizing the tremendous opportunity to apply financial principles to our greatest public health challenge: obesity. Roddenberry’s HealthyWage provides cash incentives, social and expert-based support, tools and resources, and goal-setting and tracking technologies to address our nation’s obesity epidemic and improve America’s collective health. He co-founded HealthyWage in response to academic research that proves even small cash rewards triple the effectiveness of weight-loss programs; that people are more effective at losing weight when their own money is at risk; and that social networks play a large role in the spread of obesity. He graduated from Harvard summa cum laude in neuroscience.