Emily Quinn

Emily Quinn is a 25-year-old intersex woman, artist, animator, and Youth Leadership Coordinator for Inter/Act. She received her BFA in Animation and has spent the last few years working on Cartoon Network’s Emmy Award-winning Adventure Time. She attended her first AIS-DSD Support Group meeting in 2013. Later that year Emily became an AIC intern, helped organize the first-ever intersex youth retreat, and was named MTV’s Faking It Coordinator. Emily was one of the key contacts in developing Lauren’s character and publicly came out as intersex at the premiere of Faking It’s second season. She has since been featured in diverse media including The Huffington Post, Vice, and BuzzFeed. She left Cartoon Network in March, 2015 to take her position as AIC’s Youth Leadership Coordinator. She hopes to become a voice for intersex youth everywhere and will be pursing her Master’s in Community Leadership in the fall of 2015.