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John Lee

John Lee is co-founder, with Vincent Wong, of Wealth Dragon Ltd. a UK-based international company started in 2009 to promote unique specialist trainer-led programs that challenge traditional approaches to becoming wealthy. Lee came from humble beginnings , working at a small, family-owned Chinese takeout business in Northern UK. He studied film production at Lincoln University in the UK and worked for several companies in film and animation before he got an opportunity to invest in real estate property. By age 27 he was a millionaire. His partner, Vincent Wong, came from a similarly humble background and held a variety of salaried positions until he, too, got involved with real estate investing. He experienced both success and failure but learned a lot. He then made a name for himself as a speaker at seminars on real estate investing. John Lee became so impressed with Wong’s presentations that they met, became friends, and finally joined together to found Wealth Dragon.