Amy Kalafa

Since childhood, Amy has been passionate about social justice and environmental issues. For over 25 years, Amy has produced award-winning films, television programs and magazine articles in the field of health education. She holds a Lectureship at the Yale School of Medicine and Psychiatry for her work in health communication, in recognition of a series she created for Court TV, “Inside the Criminal Mind”. Amy has worked on numerous training films for Yale University and the US Department of Education. Amy is a holistic health and nutrition counselor and a Lyme disease consultant. Her advocacy work extends to her personal life as well. She served a four-year term on the advisory board of the Weston / Westport Health District’s CDC funded “Target Lyme” prevention initiative and is a founding board member of the AIDS Treatment Data Network, a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher and an organic farmer. She and her husband Alex have two daughters who have always brought their lunch to school.