Bart Windrum

Bart Windrum, a lay person, became an end-of-life reform advocate after his parents’ sudden hospitalized demises. Bart helps civilians identify, assess, mitigate, and overcome the everyday obstacles to peaceful dying. Recognized and endorsed by ethicists, doctors, nurses, policymakers, spiritual leaders, healthcare think tanks, healthcare visionaries and activists, Bart’s body of work includes: the (unadopted) state initiative The Option to Die in PEACE; the award-winning book Notes from the Waiting Room: Managing a Loved One’s End-of-Life Hospitalization; the TEDx talk Dying IN Peace to Die AT Peace: New Terms of Engagement; the Never Say Die Rap; the Journal of Participatory Medicine article It’s Time to Account for Medical Error in Top Ten Causes of Death Charts; Windrum’s Matrix of Dying Terms, and the in-depth program To Die in Peace: Our Rights of Passage. Bart founded and curates the Facebook group To Die in Peace: Overcoming Obstacles, currently with over 650 members.