Deborah Allen

Deborah Allen, Counselor, educator, and artist. Screenwriter, JANE the movie, a feature film in development about how music and poetry anchor a 15 year-old-girl in the face of sexual violence, family upheaval and change she cannot control. As a rape survivor, artist, and counselor, Deborah teaches workshops that nurture the development of a creative inner life. Currently, she is working with 20 artists to perform FIRE IN THE HEART, a stage piece including gospel, hip-hop, classical music, spoken word, poetry and dance, that explores how the arts can serve as a catalyst for healing trauma and grief. She has been teaching mid-life professionals in the healing arts for the last twenty-five years, with an emphasis on depth psychology and trauma repair. She teaches in the USA, Europe and Japan. Between 2010 and 2013, 5 of her closest people died: mom, dad, sister, sister-in-law and therapist.