Dr. Vidya Raman-Tangella

Dr. Vidya Raman-Tangella heads UnitedHealthcare’s Innovation Center of Excellence. She and her team design, develop and scale breakthrough innovations that help address unmet health needs through the use of cutting-edge concepts and technology, including mobile apps and integrated health and wellness programs. A clinician by training, she has 20 years of healthcare experience. Prior to joining UnitedHealthcare, she held a senior management position at Johnson & Johnson, where she led the design of integrated and tailored health and wellness solutions for employers and health plans. She’s presented at the Employer Healthcare Congress, the “Unleashing Innovation Summit,” the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Conference, and the International Consumer Electronics Show, among many others. She holds bachelors’ degrees of medicine and surgery degree from Osmania University in Hyderabad, India. She earned a master’s of health administration from Cornell University, New York.